Dominica Roberts

I began drawing and painting as a young child and used to say I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. After a couple decades in between spent chasing other dreams, I have come home to what may be my true heart- painting, traveling, and speaking out for animals’ basic rights.

Academically trained in the biological sciences, I have worked as a hospice nurse since 2009. Through working with people in this capacity I have witnessed more things than I could have ever imagined when it comes to the human experience. My interest in working with grief as an inner passage to our heart has evolved from holding space for those facing death and counseling their loved ones to creating opportunities for AR activists to come together to share and process their grief.

Besides all the heavy stuff, I also enjoy painting silly looking vegetables from the farmer’s market, pulling weeds in my garden, riding my bike, kayaking, trying to do pull-ups, drinking green smoothies, and blowing bubbles.